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Vision & Mission

Polindo Utama, as the leading PET recycling company, is deeply committed to sustainability and the circular economy programs

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Company’s Vision

“Transforming PT Polindo Utama into the premier plastic and polyester waste recycling company, dedicated to supporting the global movement towards a greener Earth with safe plastic waste recycling technology”


To establish customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and the local community as valued business partners of Polindo Utama.

To build a company with the finest reputation in relations with the government and the local community.

To serve as an environmental solution, minimizing waste in our operational processes.

To actively engage in government policies aimed at preserving clean air, water, and land by enforcing rigorous control over manufacturing processes to prevent pollution from hazardous substances.

Who we are?

At Polindo Utama, we are committed to making a difference. Our core mission revolves around recycling and championing a circular economy, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future. Through innovative practices and a dedicated approach, we not only recycle materials but also actively contribute to the growth of a thriving circular economy. Join us in our journey towards a more environmentally conscious world.

PET Recycling Pioneer in Indonesia

Join us in our journey to a greener world!

meet our

Founder and Co-founder

Mr. Law Darwin


“Driven by a passion for quality and sustainability, we founded Polindo Utama to redefine PET plastic manufacturing standards and contribute to a more responsible and innovative industry.”

Mr. Daniel Lawrence


“With vision for green manucfaturer, we founded Polindo Utama to pioneer PET plastic manufacturing, delivering products that embody our commitment to quality and sustainability.”

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