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PROJECT : Building Employees Capacity

On August 31, 2023, employees from POPSEA Semarang participated in a training at the Aggregation Center Semarang. This activity was part of a collaborative effort between POPSEA and Polindo, in support of USAID’s Clean Cities Blue Ocean (CCBO) project.

The training aims to improve employees’ skills in the PET recycling manufacturing process, including production, quality control of raw materials and products, and work safety. Thus, it is expected that these employees will have more skills and knowledge capacity to develop the PET recycling process.

Training employees of AC POPSEA Semarang.

The trainees benefited greatly from the collaborative training with Polindo, which is also a POPSEA partner as part of the supply chain. This collaboration is a true testament to Polindo’s contribution to the CCBO project, by providing experienced trainers.

Over the next year, these employees will be fighting for USAID’s CCBO project. We hope that this training will provide them with a solid foundation for the challenges and tasks they will face.

Initiatives like this are a true testament to POPSEA and Polindo’s joint commitment to advancing the PET recycling industry. Hopefully, this step will bring a significant positive impact in realizing a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

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