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POPI’s Participation in The CCBO Closing Event in Semarang

Semarang – The CCBO Closing event in Semarang marked an important milestone in this flagship initiative led by USAID. The ceremony, which was held at the Gumaya Hotel Semarang on April 17 2024, was also attended by the Director of USAID Indonesia, Jeffery Cohen, the Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste, Rut Krüger Giverin. Their presence signals a collective commitment to environmental sustainability.

In collaboration between POPI Semarang and Makassar, we are dedicated to fighting plastic pollution and improving the welfare of local communities. Through extensive training and support, stakeholders, including 183 training participants, waste banks and TPS3R facilities are equipped to increase operational efficiency. POPI has more than 80 collaborating partners with scavengers and collectors, 25 Waste Banks and TPS3R in Semarang and 6 Waste Banks and 2 TPS3Rs in Makassar.

Key collaborators such as YKKS, Bintari YLM, and Waste4change played pivotal roles in driving the CCBO program’s success. Their collaborative efforts empowered local stakeholders and fostered innovative solutions, resulting in significant advancements in waste management.


As a result of this collaboration, important progress has been achieved in improving the quality of collected and processed plastic waste. This joint effort has resulted in major improvements in the operations of the waste bank and TPS3R facilities so that their operational capacity has increased significantly. This capacity building not only increases its effectiveness but also produces real economic benefits for local residents, encouraging increased income streams and opening up new economic opportunities for the community

At the closing of the Cleaner Cities Blue Ocean (CCBO) program from the United States Agency International Development (USAID) at the Gumaya Hotel Semarang, Daniel Lawrence as President Director of POPI committed to continuing to advance the plastic waste recycling industry “3 years ago was a milestone in our history, given hope in handling waste and we are supported by USAID through CCBO. We are starting to get used to managing waste in collaboration with TPS3R, Waste Bank, etc. This makes us more skilled in the process of recycling plastic waste in a more modern direction,” he said.


Additionally, supply chain strengthening stemming from these collaborative initiatives has played an important role in strengthening the foundations of a more sustainable waste management system. By optimizing logistics processes and improving resource utilization, this strengthened supply chain not only reduces environmental impact but also places POPI at the forefront of the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans.This partnership exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration in building cleaner, more sustainable cities and safeguarding our oceans for future generations.

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