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Kartini Day and the Form of Equality at PT Polindo Utama

TANGERANG – Around the globe, the 18th-20th centuries saw much initial progress toward women’s rights and gender equality. In the United States and Europe, names such as Sojourner Truth, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton often come to mind when discussing these topics. But in Indonesia, the most commended name in this regard is R.A. Kartini.

The Kartini’s Day is an Indonesian celebration where it is commemorated on 21 April every year in honouring Raden Ajeng Kartini, a patriotic figure for defending women’s equality. Various celebrations were done not only remembering her but also appreciations to all Indonesian women heroes who have dedicated their thoughts and actions towards emancipation in Indonesia.

Throughout the life of Kartini, she is known to be a firm and straightforward lady who objected every sets of patriarchal culture and beliefs that a woman is born unequal and inability to perform various jobs that were done only by men. Kartini also does not agree with the stereotype that said women capability only destined household tasks – cooking, house chores and fetching water in wells.

PT Polindo Utama, a leader in the production of recycled PET flakes in Indonesia, has effectively revitalized the spirit of Kartini, a prominent figure advocating for women’s rights, through the implementation of a comprehensive gender diversity program within the company. The business world is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity, and a myriad of studies have solidified this by demonstrating a strong, undeniable correlation between the success of a company and its commitment to fostering diversity.

Deeply cognizant of this, Polindo Utama holds a firm belief that gender diversity is not merely an ethical imperative but a business one as well. Gender diversity within the company is seen as a potent tool that significantly enhances the breadth and depth of ideas, improves problem-solving capabilities by bringing different perspectives to the table, and opens up new avenues for innovation. Furthermore, a commitment to gender diversity aids in attracting and retaining high-quality employees by creating an inclusive work environment where every individual feels valued and respected.

All of these factors collaboratively contribute towards the overall success of the company, not just enhancing its reputation as a socially responsible entity, but also bolstering its bottom line performance. Therefore, PT Polindo Utama’s commitment to gender diversity stands as a testament to its dedication to both social responsibility and business excellence.

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